More relevant now than ever

Sucessfully completed sometime ago, this project was the extension and refurbishment of a 1950’s house that would seek to reduce energy requirements in-line with the Passivhaus Enerphit standard. One of the first houses within the UK to achieve the standard, the project was also recognised with an LABC Technical Award.

The fact that project build costs have now been entirely recouped (largely due to the escalation of wholesale energy prices) creates some frustration when considering the case of Thornhill Rd and the catalogue of failed government schemes that have left the upgrading of existing stock unaddressed.

While thermal efficency standards continue to rise in the UK for new build projects, the number of completed schemes does still appear to be limited. This, coupled with the likelyhood that over two thirds of existing stock will remain in 2050 when annual emmissions need to have been reduced by 80%, the refurbishment of existing stock has to be addressed if there is any chance of targets being met.

The Passivhaus model is based on primary energy demands (not carbon) and essentially involves large amounts of insulation with minimal thermal bridging and creating an airtight house with fresh air supplied regulary via a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system (MVHR).

Redesign are able to offer PHPP, thermal bridging and energy calculations all in-house should your project require it.

It’s been great working with Nigel and James to get our eco renovation done to the standard we wanted with as little fuss and stress as possible. They’ve given lots of helpful advice and recommendations, researched all sorts of options we were interested in and provided up-to-date high quality sets of drawings at regular intervals, as well as negotiating with the council and others to ensure everything ran smoothly and on time from their end. We have no hesitation in recommending Redesign to anyone.